Enlace Chicago Associate Board



The Enlace Chicago Associate Board is a group of volunteer young professionals who are dedicated to expanding the reach of Enlace by building awareness of and supporting Enlace’s initiatives. We do this by fundraising and friendraising, or identifying and developing resources through our networks. We value a personal investment in the community and encourage members to commit their time and talent. We seek to strengthen our community by creating a sense of responsibility among young aspiring Little Village leaders.


Chair: Paul Callejas

Vice Chair:  Humberto Manzo

Treasurer: Monica Posadas 

Secretary:  Luisa Sosa 

Cynthia Torres

Daisy Guzman

Denny Esquivel

Elena Lugo

Giovanni Baez

Jennifer C. Hernandez

Jackie Rosado

Roberto Paniagua

Laura Petraitis

Lucia Torres

Manuel Medina

Raul Torres

Mireya Vaca

Rosalia Lugo

Ryan Arthur

Adriana Rodriguez

Crystal Torres

Cristian Yugsi Diaz


Are socially conscious and motivated emerging leaders who support the mission of Enlace and look forward to improving opportunities for residents of Little Village.


Are stakeholders with a personal investment in Little Village (live, work, worship).


Contribute annually to Enlace’s programs and organizational costs.


Are committed to attending small committee meetings monthly and larger membership meetings and community charlas on a quarterly basis.


Interested in joining?
Contact ECAB@enlacechicago.org



Promote Enlace Chicago’s mission


Support Enlace programs while serving as ambassadors for Enlace both with local stakeholders and with external partners and networks

Engage members in community activities and services


Cultivate a growing network of Little Village allies and supporters


Connect rising leaders in Little Village to community development efforts

Increase visibility for Enlace Chicago by expanding its network of supporters


Increase Enlace’s individual donor base through membership and fundraising events

Develop a pipeline for Executive Board membership

Foster a sense of community among Associate Board members and other young professionals

Develop partnerships with other young professional boards and organizations in Chicago, Illinois and across the country