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Ciria Ruiz Photo.png

Ciria came to the states to join her husband, Antonio, in 1998. The Ruiz family welcomed their daughter Cecilia in 2001. Ciria has been a very active community leader since she first arrived in Little Village. Her involvement in larger community efforts, and her leadership at Eli Whitney Elementary School are examples for other community residents. Ciria was one of the founders of the Eli Whitney/Enlace Community School Oversight Committee, contributing to build a strong foundation of collaboration at the school.


As the president of the Local School Council, Ciria exercises her leadership by overseeing school budgets and programs, analyzing student academic performance, and evaluating the principal. She is also the president of the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), coordinating community events throughout the year. The most visual of Ciria’s roles is probably that of parent patrol. Every day, regardless of the weather, she stands at the corner of 28th and Komensky, helping to create a safe passage for students as they walk to and from school. Ciria has been a member of the parent patrol for over three years, wishing the students a good morning with a smile as she monitors traffic. Ciria is also a very active member of Enlace’s Immigration Action Team, a group that creates strategies for community participation in immigration advocacy.


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