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Enlace works with community leaders to transform empty lots into community gardens. These spaces provide opportunities for healthy food production, safe outdoor recreation, community-based education and community building.


They also serve as powerful models for sustainable practices and conservation, and they engage youth and families in environmental education through collaborations with key partners. Gardeners gather weekly throughout the growing season, and each site hosts family-friendly workshops, classes, trainings, volunteer days and celebrations.


Garden design and activities are relevant to and respectful of the diverse cultures and traditions of Little Village families, and they promote the preservation of indigenous knowledge and practice.


The Community Writing Project offers writing workshops to people who ordinarily do not consider themselves to be writers, and publishes their reflections and stories about everyday life in Real Conditions magazines. Because only the collective efforts of ordinary people can make a better world, we are interested in the creative expression and unique understanding of those who have been relegated to the margins of society, including the poor, the oppressed, immigrants, and those who risk their privilege to join them.


Their stories are found in these pages.

DOWNLOAD "realconditions – 2022

DOWNLOAD "realconditions – 2021




Yolisma Orozco // Garden Participant


"Coming to the gardens helps us get rid of our stress, distract ourselves, and meet other people in the community."

"Venir a los jardines nos ayuda mucho para sacar nuestro estrés, distraernos, y convivir con las otras personas de la comunidad."

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