Maria Velazquez and the Telpochcalli Community Education Project

Telpochcalli Community Education Project (Tcep) mobilizes youth and adults for social justice by building individual capacity, collective power, and mutual responsibility through culturally relevant and community-directed education, leadership development, and organizing.


María Velazquez joined Tcep in 2002 as a community organizer, where she spent the majority of her time meeting one-on-one with community residents and getting to know their needs and expectations. In 2009, she was selected as the Executive Director, a role that would allow her to support the organization’s growth and sustainability.


María is passionate about advocating for immigrant rights in this country and is committed to being an agent of change. As a Mexican immigrant rooted by strong moral values, she advocates for equal rights for every human. As a woman, she feels very strongly about being acknowledged and respected. She explained that, “Women have a lot to offer. Tcep is the result of an organized group of mothers who went knocking on doors around the community to gather information about the needs that existed in our community and in our families.”


María has greatly contributed to the community by nurturing the comprehensive leadership development of adults and youth in Little Village. Throughout the years, María has worked with hundreds of community residents, creating thoughtful processes that prioritize their inclusion in decision-making and in the creation and implementation of community-driven initiatives.


Over the years, Tcep has built safe community spaces and strong support systems. “Thanks to Tcep and people at Tcep, I have been able to build my own capacity,” Maria said. “The work of the organization is developed and built so people can find themselves and grow collectively. We are a group that supports each other, and we work together to accomplish things that are beneficial for the entire community.”

Enlace is happy to recognize the work, commitment and perseverance of all staff and members of Tcep, who make the organization a strong community asset.

Maria Velazquez

Jackeline Ortiz

Esperanza Emiliano

Patricia Pereda

Maria Luisa Tellez

Alicia Montoya

Luz Arteaga

Leticia Estrada

y muchos otros

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