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• Health Promoters

• Community Gardens

• Organizing and Advocacy

Enlace maximizes local resources and builds the capacity of community health workers (CHWs) to promote wellness, prevent chronic disease, and increase access to healthcare and healthy food.

• Community Schools


• Parent Mentors

• Organizing and Advocacy

Enlace promotes a strong culture of education in Little Village by partnering with local public schools and supporting successful transition to high school, post-secondary institutions and beyond.


• Legal Clinic

• Immigration Services

• Organizing and Advocacy

Enlace organizes community-based workshops, provides free legal services and engages in policy advocacy that benefits immigrant families.

• Street Outreach
• School-based Counselors

• Street-based Counselors

• Safe Passage

• Organizing and Advocacy

Enlace takes a comprehensive, multi-systemic and trauma-informed approach to building safety and promoting peace in Little Village.

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