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The Violence Prevention Collaborative (VPC) creates a space for community leaders and organizations to work together toward the goal of a just and peaceful community. The network was started over a decade ago, when Enlace convened a coalition of local organizations to address rising violence in the community. Currently, VPC members include over 25 diverse organizations, including community organizations with multiple focus areas, schools, churches and the Chicago Police Department. This diversity allows the network to address multiple forms of violence in a comprehensive way. The collaborative focuses on three issue areas that include community violence, domestic violence and the built environment, and utilizes three key strategies that include systems change, coordination of services and training.


In 2006, the VPC inaugurated “Healing the Hood,” its signature initiative. What began as a one-day festival has become a series of events throughout the summer held in the name of peace and healing. The goals are to engage partners in a shared vision for violence prevention efforts, create continuous positive activity during what is considered the most violent time of year, highlight the strengths of the community and of VPC member organizations, and reinforce the connections between local community members, organizations and institutions.

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