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Hector was born in Chicago in 1992, and has lived with his family in Little Village ever since. He is the oldest of three. He is very close to his brothers Fabian and Joel, his parents Antonia and Hector, and his grandparents. His family has had a strong influence in his upbringing, and Hector spends a lot of time with them.


Hector expresses himself through different forms of art. He first became interested in art when he was attending Little Village Academy. Amy Castaneda, Hector’s art teacher, and her husband, Robert, took a special interest in his development, taking him to field trips, art galleries and shows. His interest in arts grew and, after graduating from high school, he attended Morton College, where he recently obtained an Associate’s Degree in Fine Arts. The forms of art he enjoys the most are aerosol, photography and visual arts in general. He also has an interest in carpentry and political science.


Hector has collaborated with other artists and arts organizations such as Maria Gaspar and Yollocalli Arts Reach. In addition to creatively transforming walls in different locations in the community, he has been an active member of the organizing committee for Villapalooza, the Little Village music festival, since its inception. He is very proud of his involvement. The festival has grown considerably, attracting approximately 5,000 people in 2014. He works on marketing and design for the event, involves other youth, and makes sure there is collaboration with other grassroots arts organizations such as Villarte. He also volunteered to coordinate “The Rising”, an arts festival run by students, parents and teachers from the Little Village Lawndale High School Campus. He currently serves as an after school arts instructor and supports other projects on campus.


Hector genuinely enjoys what he does. He constantly talks to other youth about taking advantage of the opportunities offered to them and making their dreams become reality.


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