Jesus "Chuy" Garcia Award Winners

The Jesus “Chuy” Garcia Spirit Awards are given to the individuals or organizations that embody the spirit of Mr. Garcia, Enlace’s founder. This includes visionary thinking, commitment to the community, selfless service, and inspiring leadership. The award recipients are honored at Enlace’s yearly fundraiser.


Congratulations to our winners. Click on the links to learn more about them:


2019: Pastor Ramiro Rodriguez

2018: Maria Velazquez and the Telpochcalli Community Education Project

2017: Villapalooza


2015: Ciria Ruiz and Hector Lopez


2015: Maria Gonzalez and Arturo Carrillo


2014: Padres Angeles (Patricia Aguilar, Dolores Castañeda and Doris Hernandez) and Cristel Kolmeder

2013: Yolanda Lozano, Maria Ayala and Herman Avila

2012: Pastor Victor Rodriguez, Elena Duran and Yahtzeni Gonzalez


2011: James Donahue and SILVER (Skating in Little Village and Earning Reputation)

2009: Marcos Muñoz