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The Hope Response Coalition (HRC) is a network of organizations that address the provision of basic needs – such as food, housing, healthcare and employment – in the Little Village, Pilsen and Bridgeport communities. Founded in 2010, its mission is to promote healthy families and to improve the ability of member agencies to build strong communities. Membership includes a diverse group of churches, community-based organizations, large social service agencies, hospitals and clinics. Members have worked together to align their services and referrals, share resources and best practices, increase awareness of their efforts through the creation of marketing materials and a network hotline, and participate in advocacy efforts for policy that benefits community residents.


Members also designed and implemented a study to assess food access in its neighborhoods of focus. As a number of members were food pantries, the study focused on understanding the factors that impact food access for food pantry clients specifically. The study found that about half of local pantry clients spend 50% of their income on food, and 61% are in constant need of food due to insufficient income or unemployment. Only 43% of clients reported receiving public benefits including SNAP, which speaks to the disconnect between the large undocumented and immigrant population and the government-funded safety net.


HRC no longer meets regularly. However, it continues to manage a small emergency fund for community members in the 60623 and 60608 zip codes who are in need of emergency assistance.

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Download the results from HRC’s Food Access Assessment below.

Food Access Assessment (Eng)

Food Access Assessment (Span)

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