Dreamers Unidos Scholarship Fund

Enlace staff and youth from Little Village initiated the Dreamers Unidos Scholarship Fund to address the financial insecurity of undocumented students. Each year since 2011, the Fund has awarded two tuition scholarships of $1,000 and two book scholarships of $500. Scholarships are available for undocumented seniors at Farragut Career Academy and the Little Village Lawndale High School Campus.


The fund is not only a financial resource for local undocumented students. It is part of a growing movement to end injustice in the educational and immigration systems. Students and allies are involved in broader work for systems change related to comprehensive immigration reform and post-secondary access, such as campaigns to support the Student Access Bill and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).


Applications are typically available in the winter, and scholarships are typically awarded in the spring. For more information, contact Quintiliano Rios at qrios@enlace

2021 Dreamers Unidos Scholarship for College Students /Solicitud de Beca Dreamers Unidos Para Estudiantes de Colegio

2021 Dreamers Unidos Scholarship for High School Students/ Solicitud de Beca Dreamers Unidos para Estudiantes Secundarios