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The students that began the Dreamers Unidos Scholarship Fund believed that grassroots collective action is a powerful and long-lasting avenue for positive social change in our communities and nationwide. Scholarship recipients carry on this legacy.


Congratulations to all of the scholarship recipients. Click on the links to learn more about them:


2019 M. Rivera, I. Jimenez

2018 R. Sanchez, F. Ramirez, R. Bautista and T. Estrada

2017 A. Carmona, D. Raygoza, R. Alanis and J. Guzman

2016 C. Tenorio, C. Ayala, G. Castro, H. Farias

2015 C. Vazquez, K. Suarez, S. Quintana, L. Hernandez

2014 E. Aguilar, L. Rivas, R. Conchas, S. Olivares

2013 E. Contreras, J. Hernandez, D. Loyola, D. Soto

2012 G. Martinez, N. Jimenez, Y. Flores


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