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Herman has become a dear part of the Little Village Lawndale High School team over the years. As with many youth, Herman struggles with defining how he will individually become successful. However, if you talk to Herman about the possible future of Little Village, the ideas come pouring out. This past March, Herman turned 18. He is the youngest of three brothers, Felipe is 20 and Roy is 19. His parents, Felipe and Petra, were born in Guerrero, Mexico.


Herman was exposed to the idea of community involvement during his sophomore year, when he met other youth who were trying to strengthen their voice in the community. They began to challenge each other’s ideas and beliefs. Over the years, Herman has worked on many different local projects with Enlace and other community organizations in the city. This inspired him to broaden his horizons, see the community’s treasures and flaws, and learn to take pride in the neighborhood. In actions both big and small, Herman has shown that we can turn our vulnerabilities into strengths. He asks questions to gain knowledge, seeks guidance when he is struggling and reaches out to others. A ‘renaissance man’ may be a cliché, but Herman has intuited that to brave difficult times and has shown that we need to nurture the many parts of ourselves.


He is an artist, an intellectual, a community activist and a strong young man who will stand tall as a role model for young ones to come. He has been a part of countless community meetings, events, the Enlace Youth Council, Clean Streets Safe Streets and SILVER Summer Jam. He is involved in black and brown unity efforts and is the student representative on the Multicultural Academy of Scholarship Local School Council.


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