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Congratulations to Enlace's education team for a well-deserved recognition

Coalition for Community Schools recognizes Enlace Chicago

Enlace Chicago is one of six awardees this year recognized by the Coalition for Community Schools and receives 2017 Community School Award for Excellence.

Enlace's community schools engage partners and keep students at the center by listening to their needs and creating the opportunities they deserve. The results? Improved attendance and academic outcomes. Enlace leads eight community schools in Little Village/South Lawndale neighborhood.

"One of our strategies throughout the years has been space utilization," says Katya Nuques, Executive Director of Enlace Chicago. She adds that when the organization works with schools, it asks teachers, administrators and families about their "dream campus". "Many things that have happened throughout the years have changed as a result of being engaged in planning," she says.

Enlace Chicago shares the honor this year with other five individual schools and multi-site community school initiatives. The awardees are:

  • NYC Community Schools Initiative, New York City

  • Community Achieves, Nashville

  • Oakland International High School (OIHS), Oakland

  • Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School, Nashville

  • P.S./M.S. 188 The Island School, New York City

Jose Luis Illanes, Principal of Francisco I Madero Middle School states "if it was not for the program offered by Madero Middle School jointly with Enlace Chicago, neither students nor adults will have the opportunities they have through the Community [Schools]." He also added, "one of my most important priorities was to provide after school opportunities for our Madero students, so that, when the regular instructional day ends, they have constructive opportunities for programs that will enrich their lives."

To learn about the National Community Schools Awards for Excellence, please visit

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