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Parent Mentors in Action

Our Parent Mentors, 46 this school year among Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez, Little Village Academy, Eli Whitney, Cyrus H. McCormick, Telpochcalli, and Kanoon, are working hard on planning projects! Thanks to severa

l mini grants and to the Parent Engagement Institute, parent mentors at each of our six schools are working on projects to improve the schools communities. The initiative is called Beyond the Classroom/ Más Allá del Aula.

The Parent Mentor Program throughout its history has been a vehicle for parents to interact and engage with other community members. These mini grants will be utilized to continue nurturing and building a strong community around and in the schools. Some of the projects being discussed and planned at the moment include organizing to increase safety and advocating for crossing guards for the Ortiz de Dominguez and Gary Elementary campus, and advocating for a marquee sign to increase school pride and create school identity at Telpochcalli, among others.

Parent Mentors have approached other parents, teachers, students and local school councils to consult about the projects to come up with a collective decision.


Our Parent Mentor Organizer, Laura Romero, participate

d in the Right To Care Advocacy Day this past March 2nd on behalf of all Parent Mentors and other parents in our community. The Advocacy Day convened early childhood education advocates and leaders from across the state to rally for a 10% increase in early childhood education funding. Laura shared her experience with the early childhood education system in Illinois.

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