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Back to School in Little Village

Updated: Aug 29

Through its partnership with Illinois Action for Children, the Little Village Education Collaborative was introduced to Save the Children and their 100 Days of Reading and Joy of Moving campaigns this summer. Enlace Chicago and LVEC partnered with Save the Children and Big Green Chicago to distribute backpacks, school supplies, books, and Kinder packs. In coordination with local elected officials, two Back to School events were planned for August 22 and 23. More than 1700 backpacks were distributed between both events, and for a brief moment we all experienced a little bit of normalcy. Families were invited to participate in Joy of Moving activities, and connect with partner organizations to discuss resources and programs. Our initial goal was to connect with families and hear from them directly, but in the end we got so much more. To hear children laughing, see them playing and engaging with their families was the human connection that many of us were missing and longing for. We are grateful for our new partnership, but above all for the opportunity to reconnect with our community.


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