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Wrapping up the Summer

What a great summer! We can't believe that we are at the end of August, students just began a new school year, and the weather is starting to change.

After having to delay due to the pandemic, we feel fortunate that we finally had the opportunity to celebrate our new home with our community at "Kermes en la Harding." We had a great time and enjoyed some great local talent! Thank you to all the sponsors, local vendors, performers and community members that supported and attended the event.

We also celebrated the end of the summer with block parties outside of our Troy and El Corazon offices. SO MUCH FUN!

As usual, we facilitated programs and field trips that took advantage of the summer. It was great to see young people participate in a wide variety of activities as part of One Summer Chicago. Our community gardens also received a ton of TLC from staff and volunteers, and they produced yummy veggies for the community.

We look forward to the fall and plan to continue creating opportunities for us to spend time together in community.

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