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Enlace helps pass bill to create elected CPS board in the Illinois House

The Illinois State House of Representatives has finally passed a bill for an Elected, Representative School Board in the City of Chicago. Enlace has worked for years in support of an elected board, including: working to get a ballot referendum in the 22nd Ward, securing a 93% 'yes' vote for an elected board when the issue was on ballots city-wide, and bringing community members to meet with legislatures on the issue, ultimately winning their support. We are so excited for the win, and there is so much more work to be done. The bill needs to pass the State Sentate, and provisions need to made in order to include undocumented families in the election process.

Si se Puede!

Lauren FitzPatrick @ Chicago Sun Times

"Coming together in a rare moment of bipartisan support, the Illinois House overwhelmingly passed a bill Thursday to replace the Board of Education appointed by Chicago’s mayor with one that’s elected.

If the legislation makes it through the Senate — and that’s still a giant “if” considering that its president is hammering out a solution to the state’s stalled budget — Chicago’s Public Schools would be overseen by 21 democratically elected members of the public rather than the seven the mayor alone chooses." Read More.

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