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26th Street Shut Down for April 1st Strike!

April 1st Little Village, Chicago- Nearly 1000 students, teachers, parents, and community

leaders, representing each of the twenty one public neighborhood schools in the Little Village

community, marched together in support of the April 1st teacher strike. Marchers began at each of their respective school sites and then came together on 26th street , eventually growing large enough to shut down the popular commercial corridor.

The march led to the Cook County Jail, located in Little Village, visually demonstrating the school- to-prison pipeline created by school disinvestment. Marchers demanded increased funding for schools and educational resources for immigrants, calling attention the Student Access Bill. Benito Juarez High School delegates, Pilsen Alliance, and other Pilsen residents joined the rally at Cook County Jail, bringing the crowd to an estimated 1500.

Click below to see Hoy's coverage of this powerful event.

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