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Enlace's Community Schools ready for summer!

Enlace Chicago partners with public schools to transform them into safe, accessible community centers. Community Schools provide wrap-around family programming that promotes academic achievement, skill building, socio-emotional learning and leadership development.

"We want to provide a community space to support creativity in our youth during this summer," says Cindy Martinez, Community School Manager at Enlace. That is why Enlace will be offering a summer programming this coming July. "We want to continue enriching the lives of our youth."

Summer youth programming will be offered at seven of our eight community schools:

- Francisco I. Madero Middle School

- Rosario Castellanos Elementary School

- Eli Whitney Elementary School (at Little Village Lawndale High School campus)

- Farragut Career Academy

- Little Village Lawndale High School Campus:

  • Multicultural Academy of Scholarship High School

  • Social Justice High School

  • World Language High School

Programs will include academic and enrichment classes. “We want to create a balance, enrichment and academic programs that complement each other,” explains Cindy. Some of the classes offered this summer will be: gardening, performing arts, visual arts and STEM. The summer program will run from Monday to Thursday, and each week students will participate in an educational field trip. “Students want to be active and social during the summer and we want to provide a safe space for that” explains Cindy.

Summer programs will begin the week of July 9th, and will run for 3 to 4 weeks depending on the site. Registration will open in June. For more information and details, please contact Enlace’s Community School Manager, Cindy Martinez at cmartinez@enlacechicago.org.

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